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Oracle 11g New Features
  • Automatic Memory Tuning : Memory can be tuned automatically by setting one parameter."PGA Update"
  • SQL Performance Analyzer, Using SPA, you can tell 11g to automatically apply SQL profiles for statements.
  • Automated Storage Load balancing
  • Automatic Diagnostic Repository
  • New table Data Type "simple_integer"
  • Improved table/index compression
  • Faster DML triggers
  • Server-side connection pooling
  • Introduction of Virtual columns
  • REF partitioning
  • Hangman Utility The Hang Manager (hangman) utility is a new 11g tool to detect database bottlenecks.
  • Improved PHP driver for Oracle
  • Improved native Java & PL/SQL compilers
  • PL/SQL "continue" keyword
  • Disabled state for PL/SQL
  • New "pivot" SQL clause

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