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Oracle 8i New Features
  • Static HTTP server included (Apache)
  • JVM Accelerator to improve performance of Java code
  • Java Server Pages (JSP) engine
  • MemStat - A new utility for analyzing Java Memory footprints
  • OIS - Oracle Integration Server introduced.
  • PLSQL Gateway introduced for deploying PL/SQL based solutions on the Web
  • Enterprise Manager Enhancements - including new HTML based reporting and Advanced Replication functionality included.
  • New Database Character Set Migration utility included. --
  • PL/SQL Server Pages (PSP's)
  • DBA Studio Introduced
  • Statspack
  • New SQL Functions (rank, moving average)
  • ALTER FREELISTS command (previously done by DROP/CREATE TABLE)
  • Checksums always on for SYSTEM tablespace allowing many possible corruptions to be fixed before writing to disk
  • XML Parser for Java
  • New PLSQL encrypt/decrypt package introduced
  • User and Schemas separated
  • Numerous Performance Enhancements -
  • Fast Start recovery - Checkpoint rate auto-adjusted to meet roll forward criteria
  • Reorganize indexes/index only tables which users accessing data - Online index rebuilds
  • Log Miner introduced - Allows on-line or archived redo logs to be viewed via SQL
  • OPS Cache Fusion introduced avoiding disk I/O during cross-node communication
  • Advanced Queueing improvements (security, performance, OO4O support
  • User Security Improvements - more centralisation, single enterprise user, users/roles across multiple databases.
  • Virtual private database
  • JAVA stored procedures (Oracle Java VM)
  • Oracle iFS
  • Resource Management using priorities - resource classes
  • Hash and Composite partitioned table types
  • SQL*Loader direct load API
  • Copy optimizer statistics across databases to ensure same access paths across different environments.
  • Standby Database - Auto shipping and application of redo logs. Read Only queries on standby database allowed.
  • Enterprise Manager v2 delivered
  • NLS - Euro Symbol supported
  • Analyze tables in parallel
  • Temporary tables supported.
  • Net8 support for SSL, HTTP, HOP protocols
  • Transportable tablespaces between databases
  • Drop Column on table (Finally !!!!!)
  • DBMS_DEBUG PL/SQL package, DBMS_SQL replaced by new EXECUTE IMMEDIATE statement
  • Progress Monitor to track long running DML, DDL
  • Functional Indexes - NLS, case insensitive, descending

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